Ghost Radio is a short 1-bit journey about the birthday blues.

You hear a broadcast from a radio station out of this world.

You must interrupt the transmission if you want to feel happy.

To play:

On mobile: use your finger to swipe in the direction you'd like the character to travel. Tap screen to progress through dialogue.

On desktop: use the arrow keys to control the character's movement.

Submission to Gentle Ghost Jam. 


Twitter: @illest_terminal

Instagram: @overthrow_studios


by:  illest_terminal

Music: "Silence for a Film" - ann annie

Playtester: @_brentr0n

Development log


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Whoa, the art style really helps the game, though it's rather short. It's Short and Sweet

I appreciate the kind remarks! Thanks so much for playing!

This was a really inspiring game, even for how simple and short it was